Or, to be clear and correct, ANYBODY can express their own opinion as long as they know what they are talking about and have had the chance to get close to ORAC (Orgone Accumulator), to know it, study it and use it.


It happens very frequently that many orgonomic discoveries, laboriously realised and accurately shown, confront with simple unrequested opinions not based on analysis nor scientific experiment.
When such opinions are expressed by a chemist or a physicist, since the user is an amateur – as meaning that he/she doesn’t know the subject and searches for opinions and information – accepts those as reliable opinions, without verifying the knowledge of the source on the subject, nor establishing whether it is based on observation or not.

Since the authority is too often used in favour of unclear economic and political businesses, we have the duty to invite anyone who would like to speak about medical or similar applications on orgone energy to prove he/she has followed all principles established for the ORGONIC FUNCTIONS.


It goes without saying that those principles may be applied – or should be – to develop a clear and scientific opinion on any subject; to be specific, we are talking about what to do before trying to have a real and reliable idea on the orgone energy functions:

  • Remove any wish to develop opinions without having previously studied the orgone energy;
  • Regularly use the orgone accumulator and get to know its NON-MECHANICAL functioning characteristics, such as, for example, changes in the duration of the sessions, or the user’s bio-energetical charge, or even the different weather conditions, etc.
  • Let real sick people try the orgone accumulator to show them what it can do for different types of diseases, wounds and burns.
  • Measure and take notes, on a long-time basis, the orgone temperature difference and the greater slowness of the electroscopic shock inside the accumulator.
  • Last but not least, realise that this test on orgonomic discoveries must start from orgone theories and not from any other point of view.

An aeroplane must be examined for its flying abilities, not for its running abilities.

Orgone energy can’t be judged from magnetism and chemistry point of view.

Someone is considered an expert on a certain field when he/she knows the subject, unlike somebody who knows nothing about that field but thinks to know it, and this principle is suitable for any field.

A physicist is not an expert about ORAC unless he/she has carefully studied the accumulator, used it regularly, felt the subjective reactions and measured the actual functions.

Therefore, there aren’t experts on Orgonomy other than who has studied with dedication the orgone energy functions.

Any opinion concerning the functions of ORAC should be taken into consideration if who expresses such opinion has the qualifications mentioned above.

Being totally aware of the great implied responsibilities in our task is a fundamental part of the job to fulfil.

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