ORAC Orgone Accumulator

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Although its short size, it is a high-performance device at great effectiveness.


Height 155 cm
Depth 80 cm
Adjustable Length according to user’s needs from 59 to 63 or 67 cm.

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Product Description

Take care of yourself

Are you looking for an effective tool to take care of your body and recharge your Bio Energia in a simple and safe way? The Orgonic Accumulator is the ideal solution.


Orgone Accumulator is the most effective device to accumulate the orgone energy. Although its short size, it is a high-performance device at great effectiveness.

Height 155 cm, Depth 80 cm and Width adjustable depending on the user’s needs from 59 to 63 to 67 cm.

You can take advantage of it while watching TV, reading a good book, listening to your favorite music, or just relaxing from sitting while fully enjoying the Bio Energetica charging session you’ve dedicated yourself to.

The final result of the sessions will be an energy recharge and a strengthening of the whole organism.

Main Benefits of the Orgone Energy

The regular use of orgone devices helps the organism to self-protect

  • It acts as anti-inflammatory
  • It naturally restores Energy to the organism
  • It acts against ageing and degenerative diseases
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It helps reducing Cancer risk





Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 100 kg
Dimensioni 160 × 80 × 35 cm


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