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The orgone accumulator is a device able to collect, focus and make available in high concentrations the primordial cosmic energy (Orgone) that Dr. W. Reich discovered in the thirties-forties.

The orgone energy controls and organises life, the organic and inorganic matter. The hypothesis of the existence of a vital energy is not a new concept: over time, many philosophers and scholars have supposed such existence. Instead, Reich showed its existence. The discovery of the Orgone is revolutionary and, therefore, isn’t always in line with the principles and theories of the dominant and mechanist science. Its functional characteristic and its principle make it the primary energy from which all the others derive. Life itself exists thanks to it.

It is clear that the energy not only is outside of us, but also inside, and its moving within the organism establishes its emotions.

The orgone accumulator was born almost by chance in the forties when Reich realised that bions cultivation he had in the lab made some objects excited and “electric”. He soon understood that if matching such materials one another he could create a device to accumulate that energy. That’s when he built the orgone accumulator with walls that interchanged with organic and metallic materials; for the first time, he created an energetic gradient which is higher inside a circumscribed area than outside of it.

It was a very important turning point for Orgonomy.

For the first time, the orgone could be studied and used in concentrations higher than in what can be found in the environment. That is what Reich employed in many fields like medicine.

Benefits in the biology and physics field didn’t take long to arrive with the employment of the accumulator for the cancer study until the Oranur experiment for the physics. The orgone energy freely fluctuates and enters anything, but when it meets obstacles it increases the temperature: this can be easily found inside the accumulator by means of two normal thermometers that contemporary measure the inner and the outside temperature*.

The orgone accumulator, in the medicine field, has to be used daily so that the organism recharges and it can be confirmed, in healthy people, by an increase of the body temperature. The body of the patient doesn’t fill up with negative energy, Reich speaks about excitement of the fields. In Orgonomy, the strongest energetic field attracts the weakest, so be careful when using too powerful accumulators. Other inputs the organism sends when it is in good status can be the feeling of cosiness, tingling, and face relaxing and rash. The body will absorb the energy it needs to recharge and restore its natural balance.

Dr. Reich used it to treat many troubles, such as migraine, cold, rheumatic pain, arthrosis, cancer biopathy, anaemia, fatigue, ulcer. The countless benefits of the accumulator made Reich imagine it in every house like any other normal house device, especially as a prevention tool. The “predisposition” to a disease is often the consequence of a low bio-energetic level of the organism that, when it is highly charged, will not develop illnesses so easily. An example can be the resistance that a charged organism has towards winter diseases. 

ORAC has built Orgone Accumulators since 2013 following the instructions of Dr. Reich. If you wish to know more, please visit or contact the number (+39) 3299753925.

*In the Orgonon observatory (Maine, USA), the unit of measurement is the difference of 1°C (T˳-T) times 256 seconds; such unit of measurement is T-Org. (Reich, The orgone Accumulator. Its scientific and medical use, Orgone Institute Press Publishing house of the W. Reich foundation).

– Reich W., the Orgone Energy Accumulator, 1951.

– Reich W., The bion experiments on the origin of life, 1938

Picture details: Orgone Accumulator during its assembly (materials matching) and the Orgone Accumulator produced by ORAC.

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