Orgonomy is a science.

It studies the cosmic primordial pre-atomic omnipresent energy in the Universe from which every living thing derives together with its physical, biological, social and psychical manifestation, which the Austrian doctor Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) discovered.

Dr. Reich derived the name from the words “orgasm” and “organism”. His studies on orgasm, in fact, led him to discover the orgone energy.

Unlike the official science, which considers the atom as the basic component of nature, Orgonomy considers it the result of the Superimposition, that is the combination of two or more energetic flows.


Orgone Energy is different from the others that derive from matter and are, therefore, called secondaries: electric, magnetic, nuclear, etc. Official science knows only these latter energy types and considers the atom as the basic component of nature; Orgonomy, instead, considers the atom as the result of a specific function of the primordial energy, the Superimposition, where two or more energetic flaws match together and from which the matter is generated.


The second basic function of the orgone energy is Pulsation. It is easily observable in the living organism (heartbeat, breathing, etc.) and is also present at every level of nature: cosmic and atmospheric. The Earth pulses, too.


The third function concerns specifically the orgone energy: the Orgastic Convulsion.

The energy over-collected by the organism both through the consumption of food and liquids, and through breathing and the direct assimilation of cosmic energy but not fully employed for its normal functioning, gathers on the genitals.

When the collected tension overcomes a specific threshold, genitals charge energetically, and this is detected as sexual excitement (orgonomically speaking, the organism reaches the lumination point).

The first and most important Reich’s discover was that the orgasm function is to completely get free from the excess energy and this happens through the orgastic convulsion.

Only through such act you can achieve the uniform pulsation of the organism and the natural regulation of all bio-psycho-emotional functions.



Ultimately, considering that each manifestation of existence derives from energetic processes, Orgonic Science is not unrelated to anything that exists.

We can divide Orgonomy into four main branches: physics, biology, medicine and sociology, each of which contributes to the constant attempt of human being to know both him/herself and the nature where he/she comes from and belongs to.

The aspects that unmistakably identify and characterise the Orgonic Science are:

  • The Orgone Energy
  • The Supereimposition
  • The Pulsation
  • The function of Orgasm
  • The functional Thought


Naturally, human being has always sensed a universal energy: the Prana in India, the Chi in China, God in all monotheist religions, the élan vital by Henri Bergson – who was very important during Reich’s education – entelechy by Dreitsch, and the ether itself.

It currently is the most effective tool to accumulate the orgone energy that W. Reich discovered.

Its use strengthens the organism. If it is regularly used, it is felt like cosiness, objectively verifiable with a thermometer to test the increase of the basal body temperature.

The increase of the energetic charge provokes a wellness feeling, a general expansion of the organism and a vagotonic status.

According to Reich, predisposition to illness coincides with a low bioenergetic level caused by chronic muscle contractions that hindrance the current flow of the vegetative nervous system where the body contracts and where a sum of muscles is ring-shaped: ocular, oral, shoulder girdle of the upper limbs, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal, pelvic, and the lower limbs.


In the Indian culture, such spots correspond to the seven chakras as well as the meridian crossings in the Chinese acupuncture: there are many other techniques to reactivate the free circulation of energy.

The permanence inside the orgone accumulator (ORAC) varies according to the individual’s energy status.

A person who is more charged needs a shorter permanence in the accumulator and perceives the typical feelings of itch and heat, expansion and wellness much quicker than who is energetically empty, ill or depressed.

The final result would be, however, a recharge and a strengthening of the whole organism.
To that effect, since modernity and daily stressing situations affect our natural wellness status thus weakening and emptying the organism, orgone devices are very effective to recover that energy.



  • It acts as anti-inflammatory
  • It naturally restores Energy to organism
  • It acts against ageing and degenerative diseases
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It helps reducing Cancer risk


The total weight of the device is about 100 Kg

It is adjustable in 3 measures

It is hand-made by craftsmen and each component is strictly MADE IN ITALY

Its sizes are:

Height 155 cm

Depth 80 cm

Length 59/63/67 cm (adjustable according to the user’s needs)